GE Healthcare Carescape V100 Vital Signs Monitor #2108172-001

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The GE Healthcare Mobility Workstation is crafted with lasting durability and offers top-quality support for the Carescape V100 Vital Signs Monitors.

  • Mobility Workstation features work surface tray with 2 handles.
  • Quick-wrap cable management.
  • Large storage bin with quick-release feature.
  • Small bin for a wipes canister.

When You Need Vitals Quick

GE’s most famous and widely used vital sign machine is the GE Carescape V100. The Carescape V100 has been around for years and continues to be one of the most accurate vital machines on the market. GE’s DINAMAP SuperSTAT NIBP acquisition is up to 38% faster than the leading competitor’s blood pressure acquisition software. The Carescape V100 has three different SpO2 measurements to choose from; GE Ohmeda, Nellcor, or Masimo. There are numerous temperature options including Exergen temporal scanner, Alaris Turbo Temp, and Alaris Tri-site Temp. GE’s new Dinamap mobility workstation allows the Carescape V100 to travel anywhere in any setting that a patient might need his/her vitals taken. The V100 also has a long battery life of up to 11 hours on a single charge. The Carescape V100 is an accurate and mobile diagnostic vital sign machine that will help your practice or hospital provide the best care for your patients.

All brand new purchases of the Carescape V100 include a full 2-year parts and labor warranty.


  • 2108172-001-596176: CARESCAPE V100 with Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596167: CARESCAPE V100 with Turbo Temp, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596180: CARESCAPE V100 with Exergen, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596178: CARESCAPE V100 with GE Ohmeda, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596173: CARESCAPE V100 with GE Ohmeda, Turbo Temp, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596300: CARESCAPE V100 with Masimo (LNCS), Turbo Temp, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596177: CARESCAPE V100 with Nellcor, Turbo Temp, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket
  • 2108172-001-596171: CARESCAPE V100 with GE Ohmeda, Exergen, Printer, DINACLICK, No Bracket


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