Medical Products That Help You Recover From Surgery

Recovering from an invasive procedure like open heart surgery is vastly different than the process of recuperating from an outpatient procedure. However, while the recovery time and methods for each surgery vary, there are some medical products, like the ones we carry at Hospital Overstock, that can be universal and useful in a patient’s healing process.

Immediately After Surgery:

When patients are discharged from the hospital, their physical capabilities are usually still limited. Even after leaving the hospital, items like crutches and wheelchairs can be essential in keeping pressure and weight off the areas of the body impacted by surgery. Wound management post-surgery is also highly important. It is often recommended to change bandages and dressings (at a frequency determined by a doctor), while keeping incisions clean and dry. Products like athletic tape and gauze may also be helpful for incision care.

Performing Daily Tasks:

Daily Tasks Can Be Hard After Surgery

Surgery can sometimes make performing daily tasks much harder. Simple activities like going to the bathroom, taking a shower and even sitting down can seem almost impossible. Thankfully, products like raised toilet seats and shower chairs may ease some of these tasks. This is especially true for people recuperating from procedures that impact specific body functionality like hip, spine and leg surgery.

Patients also must be careful to prevent further complications or reinjury while in recovery. Soft knit gripper slippers are great for stabilization and reduce the risk of falling while at home. Purchasing a brace like this knee immobilizer can help keep bones in line and provide protection against further damage.

Physical Therapy:

Physical Therapy After Surgery

When it is time to begin physical therapy, there are a number of products that can help a patient increase mobility and get back to an active lifestyle. It may sound self-explanatory, but investing in a comfortable pair of tennis shoes is the first essential step to begin a walking routine. Physical therapy is dependent on the type of surgery, but will often include items like exercise bands and small weights to slowly build up muscle strength.

Have any of these products helped you recover from surgery? If so, which ones?

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