Must-Have Self-Monitoring Devices and Wellness Products for All Ages

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority at every stage of life. Medical devices and other wellness products are useful for tracking and preserving health. Here are some self-monitoring devices that help track your well-being for each phase of life.

Childhood and Adolescence


The three main stages of life during a person’s youth are infancy, childhood and adolescence. Infancy lasts from a baby’s birth to 18 months. Ages 2 to 11 are considered childhood. Then, adolescence begins at age 12, continuing through age 18.

Childhood and adolescence are often filled with energy and activity. It’s no secret that children and teenagers are prone to scrapes, bruises, broken bones and sports injuries. They are also highly exposed to different colds and viruses at school. Thermometers, diapers, bandages, dressingsathletic tape, casts and braces can all come in handy.



People are considered adults if they fall between 19 and 65 years of age. From starting college to embarking on a new career path, getting married and raising children, people experience many shifts in lifestyle and responsibility as adults.

With many tasks to juggle, monitoring physical activity and eating habits during this life stage can be challenging, but necessary. Devices like pedometers are great for tracking your daily steps. They come in many forms such as watches, arm bands, those that clip to clothes and smartphone applications.

The Baby Boomer generation includes those that were born between 1946 and 1964, making them 50 to 68 years old. Members of this generation are working and living longer, but are also experiencing higher levels of obesity and diabetes. Doctors may suggest for some adults to begin watching their weight, cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar levels at this time. For this age group, consider products like at-home cholesterol tests, blood pressure monitors, diabetes testing strips and glucose meters.



An adult is considered elderly or mature after age 65. It is the time period where most people retire and must take extra steps to protect their health.

As we mentioned in a previous article, self-monitoring is crucial for diabetes and blood pressure management. Elderly adults should continue using at-home cholesterol tests, blood pressure monitors, diabetes testing strips and glucose meters as directed by their doctors.

To increase physical activity and strength, small weights and exercise bands are great. For those dealing with incontinence, items like adult diapers, liners and underpads will increase comfort and protection.

Are there other products or devices you use to track your health? Share them with us!

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