Attends Comfees Baby Diapers (Newborn)


  • Perfume and latex free
  • Shaped fit
  • Case of 200 (4 Bags of 50)¬†
  • Snug fit waist
  • Soft outer cover
  • Soft stretchable fastener.
  • Wetness indicator

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Product Description

Comfees Baby and Youth Diapers, manufactured by Attends, are some of the best diapers available on the market, as they offer your baby exceptional comfort and protection.

Featuring DriNite technology, these youth diapers offer 12-hour protection. In fact, Comfees Baby Diapers integrate a wetness indicator that changes color to a vibrant blue once damp, so the parent can be absolutely certain when to change the diaper.

However, the best diapers, such as the Comfees line, takes a baby’s comfort into consideration, too. To ensure a comfortable fit, these baby diapers offer a flexible waist that snugly embrace the infant.

To further enhance the child’s comfort, Comfees Diapers¬†present a shaped fit at the gusset. This design allows the diaper to easily move with the baby, which prevents constraint and a fussy baby.

In addition to providing unparalleled comfort, this diaper provides a soft, stretchable fastener that extends a secure fit. Featuring a delicate outer cover, the Comfees Youth Diapers is perfume and latex free, so even the most sensitive infants can wear this diaper.

Upgrade to the best diapers available on the market. To effectively enhance your pediatric care and offer your child ultimate comfort, order the Comfees Baby Diapers today!


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