Medical Exporters, Hospital Overstock Can Work with You!

We enjoy working with medical exporters at Hospital Overstock. From gloves to gauze, we believe that our products can greatly benefit countries outside of the U.S. Our company can offer domestic and overseas delivery service options on a variety of medical supplies. Here are some products we’ve hand-picked for medical exporters at limited-opportunity prices.

Hospital Overstock Can Work With Medical Exporters

Alcohol Prep Pads

Dukal alcohol prep pads are an excellent product to buy and ship in bulk. We have thousands in stock in size large (SKU: 861) and extra large (SKU: 22150)! You can’t beat these overstocked prices: $0.80 for a box of 100 in size large or $0.50 for a box of 50 in size extra large.

Dukal Bandages

We also have thousands of boxes of Dukal fabric bandages available in SKU: 541340. These sterile bandages come in a box of 10, ¾ in. by 3 in. Our limited time price for this product is $0.15 a box. Get them while they last!

Exam Gloves

Our exam gloves have been moving quickly. For this highly sought after product, check out these Medline nitrile medium gloves, SKU: MDS7085. A box of 200 costs just $5.50.


Like exam gloves, Medline’s first aid gauze is another big seller. Hospital Overstock is down to just hundreds of this item. See SKU: MJ471435, which comes in 3 in. x 2.5 yd. rolls. Purchase a case of 60 for the price of $19.50.

Adult Briefs

Attends adult briefs have always been a hit with our customers. From hospitals to assisted living facilities, this product has a number of medical applications. We’re selling three packs of 24 for just $25. Find SKU: BRB25 here.

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