Why We Love Medical Overstock (And Why You Should, Too!)

Surplus medical supplies provide many benefits to our customers. Here are five reasons why we love medical overstock, and so should you.

1. Savings!

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing medical overstock is the price. We offer products at a greatly discounted price, sometimes as high as 50 percent off. With over 25 years of experience, we recognize the problems facing the healthcare industry today. Overstock products are a solution for your cost containment needs.

2. Quality and Name Brand

Hospital Overstock' Carries Name Brand Medical Supplies

Overstock is not the same thing as refurbished. Surplus supplies can be high quality and name brand. We have built our reputation based on our knowledge of the medical and surgical industries and by providing high-quality products to our customers. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our most recent testimonials!

3. Items for All Ages

Hospital surplus supplies can serve a purpose for people of all age groups. We have incontinence products and shower aids for seniors, while we also provide bandages and pull-ups for children. Athletes and people in every age group can run into injuries. Crutches, wheelchairs, athletic tape and knee braces are just some surplus items that people of all ages require.

4. Variety of Markets

Another great benefit of the medical surplus is that many different companies can use it. Hospital Overstock markets to all classes of healthcare and institutional trade. Our products also have applications in various industries, such as construction, veterinary, caregiving, cosmetology, medical and more.

5. Abundance of Inventory

Hospital Overstock's Abundance of Inventory

Medical overstock is often bought and sold in large quantities. We buy in bulk from hospitals, medical manufacturing facilities and distributors, resulting in a constantly changing inventory that we share with our customers. Our large inventory allows our customers to stock up on the products they need, while cutting their costs along the way.

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