Hospital Overstock Equipment Perfect for Your Doctor’s Office

Doctors, we know your office goes through medical supplies on a regular basis, sometimes even daily. Have you considered buying some of these items through overstock? Like our previous article explains, medical surplus is brand new and can be bought in bulk at highly discounted prices. Here is a list of items we think you will be interested in. Take a look. They may be perfect for your office.

Medical Overstock Equipment for Your Doctor's Office

Exam Chairs and Diagnostic Stations

From exam chairs and tables to diagnostic stations, we provide a variety of durable equipment to medical practices.

Oakworks Exam Power Procedure Chair

  • 100 Series
  • Color: Earth
  • SKU: PKG5142-T07

UMF Medical Power Phlebotomy/ENT Chair

  • Color: Blue
  • SKU: UMF-8678
  • Visit this blog article for additional details.

Midmark Exam Table Mh Frame

  • Color: Dusty Blue
  • SKU: 203-001-233

Suntech Diagnostic Station

  • W/BP-Temp-SP02
  • SKU: 99-0061-00

Wipes, Gauze and Bandages

Hospital Overstock carries a number of single-use products for first aid and wound dressing. These are some of the most popular items.

Dukal Adult Moist Wipes

  • 8X12 Softpack Cs/600
  • SKU: AW8140

Medline Rolled Gauze

  • 3 in. x 2.5 yd. N/S CS/60
  • SKU: MJ471435

Dukal Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages

  • 3/4 X 3 Sterile Bx/10
  • SKU: 541340

Dukal Alcohol Prep Pads

  • Size: Large, Bx/100
  • Sterile
  • SKU: 861

Gloves, Masks and Gowns

We understand the importance of sterilization for both patients and doctors. Limit the spread of biological hazards with the products listed below.

Medline and Mediguard Exam Nitrile Gloves

  • Powderfree
  • Size: Large Bx/200
  • SKU: MDS6053

Medical Action Isolation Gowns

  • Color: Yellow
  • Level One, W/Tab
  • Cs/100
  • SKU: 99919

Dukal Surgical Masks With Ties

  • Color: Blue
  • Cs/300
  • SKU: 1540

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