Get Past Your Cold This Spring with These Products

The weather is starting to warm up and as spring rolls in, we can bid farewell to the cold winter months. We cannot, however, completely say goodbye to colds and the flu. Catching a cold when the sun is starting to shine is not the best situation, but we have some medical products that can ease the process for you.

Hospital Overstock Products To Get Past Your Cold


In the spring, pollen levels rise and allergens that lay dormant in the winter are suddenly active again. Symptoms like post-nasal drip, scratchy throat, headache and congestion are common with both colds and allergies. Fevers with or without body and muscle aches often happen during colds, but never with allergies. Thermometers can help determine which ailment is keeping you indoors and which step to take next in your road to recovery.

Tongue Depressors

The most common symptoms of a cold pertain to the mouth and throat, such as cough and sore throats. Examining these vital body parts are made a bit easier with Puritan’s Adult Tongue Depressors (SKU: PUR-25-705-1). We carry these brand-new, individually wrapped depressors that are made of a high-quality birch wood. These wooden depressors are standard, senior size at 6 inches long and have no splinters or rough spots.

Pill Bottles

Medicine will certainly help reduce your cold symptoms, and to keep your medicine in order, a pill bottles like Elite Medical Products’ Medicine Bottles (SKU:  101-CR-8) are essential. Each is 2.5 inches in height and 1 inch in width. The press-lug lock cap is an added safety cap feature that is child resistant to keep children out of your medicine.

Heating Pads

Colds often bring aches and pains. To ease these cold symptoms, use what generations of people have used to help with pains: heat. Heating pads envelope your aching muscles and increase the flow of blood to these parts of your body. Your muscles will relax, losing their tightness and strain, and your aches will reduce.

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