MedTech News Recap – February 2014

At Hospital Overstock, we think it is important to follow the most recent news about medical devices. That is why we share articles about the latest technology, acquisitions of major medical companies and FDA updates. This month, the MedTech industry prepared for changes in healthcare and updates in technological efficiency. Here are some of the highlights.

FDA Guidelines and Regulation

FDA Guidelines for February 2014

Mid-month, the FDA released the final version of its Device Pre-Submission Guidance document. Sources like RAPS and Electronic Design explain how this document affects the medical device industry.

The FDA’s unique device identification rule continues to be a big topic of conversation. A third medical device company obtained UDI accreditation from the FDA. In addition, U.S. IT officials advocated for UDI integration with eHealth records.

Digital Health News

Google and Apple Entering Digital Health

The mHealth industry made strides in data collection with Bluetooth and network connectivity, which provides more opportunity for consumer engagement. As more medical devices become Bluetooth enabled, mHealth is creating a more seamless connection between healthcare devices and patient medical information.

Many discussed the potential impact of Google and Apple in digital health. Both companies have made plans for their own medical devices.

Recalls and Concerns

St. Jude Medical warns that its older pacemakers may stop working during surgical procedures. While the devices have not been recalled, St. Jude urges physicians to evaluate the patient’s reliance on the pacemaker prior to surgery.  A list of FDA medical device recalls in 2014 can be found here.

The hackings of three big medical companies raised many security concerns. MDDI Online, The Wall street Journal and Healthcare IT News shared stories about the safety and security of medical device technology.

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