The Baby Boomer Generation Can Benefit From Medical Overstock

The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, and it’s no secret that many of them are prolonging retirement. Baby Boomers make up approximately 26 percent of the population in the United States. Of them, 280,000 turn 65 each month and qualify for retirement age. Whether it’s because they need to save more for retirement or because they are able to work for longer, their health and wealth considerations contribute to the Baby Boomers being a prime user of medical overstock, and thus a prime customer for Hospital Overstock.

Many Baby Boomers Need to Fill More Piggy Banks Before Retirement

Their Health

With fewer deaths from heart disease, stroke and cancer, American Baby Boomers are predicted to live longer. Many Baby Boomers have made positive habit changes like smoking less, but they are also experiencing higher levels of obesity and diabetes.

Their Finances

Retiring at age 65 is no longer the plan for many Baby Boomers. In fact, 30 to 50 percent say they have not saved enough to do so. Merrill Lynch reported that 78 percent plan to work into their 60s and 70s. Because Baby Boomers are living longer, members of this generation have to make more money to sustain them throughout their lives. They are expected to live for another 20 to 25 years and need to plan their finances accordingly.

How Hospital Overstock Can Help Baby Boomers

Hospital Overstock Products Can Help Baby Boomers And Their Aging Parents

Both the financial and longevity factors of the Baby Boomers generation explain why they would be interested in medical surplus products. Pretty soon, they or someone they are caring for, like an aging parent, may need some of the products we sell at Hospital Overstock. We offer these products, like Attends adult diapers, blood pressure monitors and diabetes testing strips at discounted prices up to 50 percent. In these tough economic times, Baby Boomers can turn to distributors like us for the medical supplies they need at prices that are friendly to their wallets.

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