Hospital Overstock Has Diverse Clientele

Many businesses sell their products and services to one type of clientele or industry, but that is not the case with medical overstock. Our name may even deceive some. While our primary audience is those in the medical industries, we market to a wide variety of businesses.

What’s great about the surgical supplies and other medical overstock we sell is that they can be useful in many different companies. Here are some of the applications our products have in various industries.

1. Medical Facilities and Veterinary Offices

Medical Facilities and Veterinary Offices

Our most obvious clientele are those in medical facilities. These hospitals and practices are likely to buy and sell products like diagnostic stations, exam chairs and wheelchairs. Blood pressure monitors and diapers are useful at nursing homes and elder-care facilities, as well as on an individual basis. Veterinary offices also require similar products like gloves and scales.

2. Construction Companies and Manufacturers

Construction Companies and Manufacturers

To the outside eye, the construction industry seems so far removed from our business. However, construction companies and manufacturers are also potential customers for medical overstock. Whether you are building a house or manufacturing a product, our masks and first aid products can be very practical.

3. Hair Salons and Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo Parlors and Hair Salons

Our products are also fit for hair salons and tattoo parlors. Hair salons and spas have a need for gloves when coloring hair and flat tables for massage treatments. It may be unexpected, but we sell the same exam chairs to dental facilities as we do to tattoo parlors.

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