Six Reasons Why Medical Surplus Exists

From mistakes in production to changes in hospital procedures and equipment, there are many reasons why medical surplus exists. Distributors like Hospital Overstock can sell this surplus and save it from the landfills and incinerators. Below is a breakdown of six sources for medical equipment and supply surplus.

1. Manufacturer Production Overages

Manufacturer Production Overages

Manufacturers of medical devices and disposables sometimes produce too much product. Whether this overage is a mistake or a result of change in buyers, manufacturers in this situation now have more products to sell. In order to make up for the time, money and resource used during production, these businesses can sell their surplus to distributors like Hospital Overstock.

2. Cosmetically-Damaged Packaging

During the production process, product packaging mistakes may occur. To resolve these errors, a manufacturer will produce more products with the correct packaging. While the product is the same, cosmetically-damaged packaging is a reason to sell to a distributor rather than sending the product to retail stores.

3. Manufacturers Buying Out Competitor Products In Store

When a company produces a new product, it often wants to showcase the product front and center in retail stores. One way to ensure that the new product maintains the spotlight is to buy out competitors’ products at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens. When that happens, the company can sell the competitors’ products to Hospital Overstock rather than destroying the product.

4. Product Enhancements

Hospital Equipment Surplus

When new technology emerges in the market or a more popular product controls the market, medical centers often want to get their hands on it. Their current devices are often still operational and valuable. When these hospitals and clinics upgrade their technology, distributors can buy their existing equipment and sell it to another center that could use them.

5. Inventory Management Oversight

Errors in hospital inventory management can lead to a surplus of supplies. Rather than letting excess items sit on the shelf and impact their bottom lines, medical centers have the option of selling their unused products to businesses like ours.

6. Medical Centers Discontinue Procedures

If a facility stops offering a procedure or treatment, it may no longer need certain medical equipment and supplies. Medical centers in this situation can hold onto their supplies if they expect the procedure to return, but they risk the possibility of expired or obsolete inventory by the time the procedure is offered again. To combat this problem, they can sell current inventory and purchase more in the future if needed.

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